At UserVoice, we believe customer-centricity is an organization-wide effort. Putting customers at the core of your organization’s operations demands close cross-functional collaboration and shared understanding of customer needs. In the spirit of better supporting that, we’re thrilled to announce we’re bringing the power of UserVoice even closer to where your internal team’s communication is already happening with our new Slack integration.

UserVoice’s Slack integration brings the power of UserVoice to the communication hub your internal teams are already using. Now you can use UserVoice and Slack together to promote shared awareness of customer needs across your organization, moderate and triage feedback, and capture UserVoice feedback without ever leaving Slack.

Here’s a quick look at how it works.

Foster shared understanding of customer needs

For many organizations, Slack is the de facto tool for internal communication and collaboration. Whether you’re coordinating meetings, getting feedback on work in progress, or simply making lunch plans, Slack is where real time collaboration happens. As a core tool for every team within your organization, Slack is the perfect platform for promoting awareness of customer needs.

Our Slack integration enables you to stream UserVoice feedback directly into a Slack channel of your choosing. Now you can help bring real time user feedback to the conversations your organization is already having.
Streaming UserVoice events in Slack channel

Moderate UserVoice feedback within Slack

In addition to syncing your user feedback to Slack, you can also moderate and triage UserVoice feedback. Any UserVoice users with the required permissions can edit, delete, and even merge UserVoice suggestions from right within Slack.How to moderate User Feedback in Slack

Send feedback from Slack to UserVoice

Chances are your colleagues share product feedback in Slack from time to time. Perhaps your open-ended NPS feedback gets piped into Slack as well. With our new Slack integration, you can now easily capture and send feedback from Slack to UserVoice.
How to add UserVoice ideas to Slack

Bonus: UserVoice insights email

In addition to our new Slack integration, we’ve also redesigned our UserVoice insights emails to provide a better at-a-glance view of your most relevant feedback. You can decide how often you’d like to receive UserVoice insights emails and what information you’d like to see here.

This functionality is currently live and available on all accounts. In addition, we’ve released several other UserVoice improvements this month. We’re looking forward to your feedback on our latest releases. Let us know what you think.