The PM’s Toolbox: Product Management Tools and the Problems they Solve

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When to scale your product management team

The power of a well-timed NO…and how to give one to your boss

Saying no is a true art.

First off, it’s in our nature to say yes – humans are eager to please, seeking positive confirmation from those we respect. This can be traced back to our prehistoric ancestors, who viewed belonging to …

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The best places to go out after BASiS

Much as we can’t wait to share the excitement of the BASiS conference with you, we know after the conference wraps up on August 17th, you may want to continue discussing ideas with new product connections at one of the City By …

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The Recipe for a Balanced Feedback Diet

As the cliche goes, “the customer is always right.” Unfortunately, most customers can’t agree on what exactly they want. Today’s customer profile most likely doesn’t encompass everyone you plan to serve a couple years from now. And, oh, yeah, customers …

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