Surprise Insights: Coping with Unexpected Product Feedback

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The One Question You Need to Answer as a New Product Leader


The One Question
What Could Inhibit My Ability to Succeed?

Is it people, process, policies, vision, etc?
What do I have control over and what do I not?
Do I have the influence i need to change things for the better?

Prioritizing Potential Problem …

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How to Spot the Gaps You Inherited


Introduction: Product Management is all about filling gaps
Understanding Your New Role

The unique character of PM – varied expectations
A little due diligence can go a long way
You’ll need time to pick out the mismatch between expectations and reality

Taking Measure of the …

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Overcoming your Company’s Fear of Failing

The latest generation of entrepreneurs has contributed its share of buzzwords and mantras to the business lexicon with mixed results. We all now know “unicorns” aren’t just mythical horses. “Disruption” is a legitimate strategy for a company trying to break …

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Building Relationships with Other Team Leaders

No product leader should be surprised how much their new job features coffee meetings and impromptu chats. There will be plenty of leaders at your level (sales, support, success, marketing, etc.) and while you may be the one given domain …

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How to Get Roadmap Buy-in: Tell a Good Story

Numbers are great—when the black ones get bigger and the red ones get smaller, it’s always a good thing. And yeah, charts are awesome—arrows pointing up and to the right portend great things in the future, especially when they look …

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Yes, You DO Need to Do Post-Mortems


One of the most important, and often most-overlooked, aspects of adopting a “little-a” agile culture lies in the application of continuous improvement practices.  By far the most important of these practices is looking back over past efforts so that we …

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How to Ace Competitive Analysis

Constantly comparing yourself to your peers might be silly when you’re in high school, but in the work world, it’s a different story. Keeping tabs on the competition in business isn’t a petty affair. Your company’s ability to know what …

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