Back in the day, you could throw an iPhone app up on the sparsely-filled App Store for $5.00 and rake in the dough. (Also, we had to walk uphill to school, in the snow.)

As we discussed at UserConf, these days it’s not so simple: there’s a ton of competition, so it’s harder to get attention and to convince people to pay much. Which means that retaining your app users (and keeping happy enough that they don’t post those pesky one-star reviews) is key, especially if you plan to make money off of in-app purchases.

Enter UserVoice for iOS. It’s now extremely simple to embed UserVoice’s Feedback and Helpdesk tools directly into your app. User has a problem or suggestion? They can easily send you a private support ticket or post it to your feedback forum for other users to vote on. It’s native code so they never leave the app, you can easily manage their feedback from UserVoice, and they talk directly to you instead of posting their issues as an App Store review.


This isn’t theoretical – UserVoice for iOS has already helped hundreds of companies like Pic Collage, who say:

“Previously we tried using an email support link in our app, but it resulted in a large number of blank emails since users would hit ‘send’ to leave the email interface. After we started using UserVoice for iOS, it really reduced the load on our support team! Junk tickets dropped by 75%, and UserVoice’s Instant Answers resolves half of our user requests by pulling relevant articles from our forums and knowledge base.”


UserVoice for iOS is available on all our plans, even the free ones, and is available today! Learn more and get started at!