Sometimes, when I’m buying my morning cup of Joe here in SF, someone will tap me on the shoulder and say, “Gee, would I like you to tell me about your favorite product management blogs!”

Okay, not really. But as blog manager, I do spend a fair bit of my day sipping coffee (or rather, London Fogs) and reading up on the latest and greatest in product management content to inspire me. Each of these blogs has a slightly different lens — whether that’s user research, leadership, or roadmap development — and each are informative, engaging, and worth making your regular reading list.

Here are my top 10 favorite product management blogs…in no particular order (really).

Who: Roman Pichler is a product management expert specializing in digital products whose blog is especially strong in the area of product leadership. He is author of the books Strategize: Product Strategy and Product Roadmap Practices for the Digital Age and Agile Product Management with Scrum.

Sample topics: “8 Tips for Collaborating with Development Teams,” “Scaling the Product Owner Role

Twitter: @romanpichler

Product Bytes

Who: Rich Mironov is a former product executive (Wayfarer, AirMagnet, iPass) who now writes, teaches, speaks, coaches, and consults on software strategy and product management. His varied, rich (no pun intended) blog predates the modern blog and was originally shipped as a newsletter. His book The Art of Product Management captures these early newsletter contributions.

Sample topics: “Product Spending and Implied Strategy,” “This is Why I Hire First For Product Experience

Twitter: @RichMironov

Silicon Valley Product Group

Who: Marty Cagan is a former engineer and product executive (eBay, Netscape). As founder of Silicon Valley Product Group, he has a strong voice as a strategist, writer, consultant, and influencer. His pieces on product management are researched, reflective looks at all sides of product management, and he is never one to shy away from debates over best practices.

Sample Topics: Developer-Powered Innovation, Vision vs Strategy

Twitter: @cagan

Product Talk

Who: Teresa Torres is a product coach specializing in user-centered, hypothesis-driven product development practices. Her blog serves an in-depth helping of writing on user research, experimentation, and how best to use data to make informed product decisions at a high level. Read it not just for straightforward advice (though there is plenty) but to jump-start the kind of intellectual curiosity that drives your customer research.

Sample Topics: Why You Are Asking the Wrong Customer Interview Questions, The Rise of Modern Product Discovery

Twitter: @ttorres

The Clever PM

Who: Cliff Gilley is a product manager and consultant who focuses on Agile and Scrum methods. His blog, The Clever PM, provides an upbeat, accessible helping of regular tips, tricks, and hacks to make people better, more clever Product Managers.

Sample Topics:  Just Because You’re Delighted By Your Product Doesn’t Mean Your Users Are!,  When “Bias Toward Action” Goes Wrong

Twitter: @thecleverpm

Bringing the Donuts 

Who: Ken Norton is partner at GV, providing product and engineering support to more than 300 companies. Prior to that, he was a group PM at Google. Norton has written extensively about product management, and his article How to Hire a Product Manager is a PM classic. He offers tips on processes and a great insights into best practices for productive communication with team members and users.

Sample Topics: Machine Learning for Product ManagersEmpathy and Product Management

Twitter: @kennethn

ProductPlan Blog 


Who: The content team responsible for roadmap planning software company ProductPlan writes regular, tip-packed articles on product strategy, roadmapping, and product management more generally.

Sample Topics: User Persona vs. Buyer Persona: Are Your Users Also Buying Your Product?, Using NPS Score To Guide Your Product Roadmap

Twitter: @ProductPlan

Tyner Blain Blog

Who: Blog author Scott Sehlhorst runs agile product management strategy consultancy Tyner Blain. He is also a visiting lecturer for DIT’s Product Management degree program. His blog offers deep, thoughtful dives into product development and strategy.

Sample Topics: Product Owner Manager — Alone Together, Minimum Value Problem

Twitter: @sehlhorst 



Who: Product management software company ProdPad writes well-informed blog posts on roadmapping and strategy.

Sample Topics: Why Release Dates are Irrelevant to Product Managers, Why Every Product Manager Needs a Flux Capacitor

Twitter: @prodpad

The Product Coalition

Who: A collection of writers who contribute regular and varied thoughts on product management, product design, and product development.

Sample Topics: A Simple Way for Product Managers to Deliver Value, Building Shared Understanding of Major Product Changes

Twitter: @Prod_Coalition