After receiving feedback, oftentimes we want to follow-up with the user(s) to better understand the problem and how we might optimally solve it.

To date, following up on an individual comment or piece of feedback required you to email the individual personally. Furthermore, if you wanted to follow-up with a group of subscribers, their responses went straight to your inbox and were not visible to your team.

Today we’re addressing both of these issues and launching a few enhancements to help you follow-up, clarify, and ultimately understand your users even easier:

  • Easy follow-ups. Whether to a comment, an individual subscriber, or everyone subscribed to an idea, you can now follow up directly from within UserVoice.
  • Private & email-based.Your follow-up comments or clarifying questions are sent, privately and individually, to the recipients via email. They can reply directly to the email and their responses will show up inside of UserVoice.
  • Team-wide visibility. Anyone on your team can now see, in UserVoice, any and all conversation threads instead of those conversations being trapped in the inboxes of whichever team members followed up.

Individual Replies

You’ll now see a “Reply” button on any comment or individual piece of feedback, even ones collected via the Contributor Sidebar. Clicking on “Reply” opens up a text area where you can craft your message.

Your reply is sent via email directly to the user (and is never shown publicly on your UserVoice portal).

Any reply they send is captured in UserVoice and a notification is sent to you via email. Their reply is also never shown publicly on your UserVoice portal.

Thus your entire conversation is visible in UserVoice:

Email Subscribers

If you’re wanting to follow-up with everyone subscribed to an idea, perhaps to get feedback on a mockup or spec, then you can do that with Email Subscribers:

Just like with Replies, your message is sent via email individually to each user. They can’t see any of the other recipients and your message is not shown publicly on your UserVoice portal.

Once they reply to your email that response is visible in UserVoice and you receive an email notification. Their replies are not visible to other folks you messaged nor publicly available on your UserVoice portal.


All of this functionality is now live and available on all UserVoice accounts regardless of plan or package.