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market research vs user research

User Research vs Market Research

Most great products don’t happen on accident. They’re the result of creativity, innovative thinking, and in the majority of cases, a lot of research. Two critical pieces of the research puzzle include market research and user research, each with its …

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customer feedback survey tips

5 Tips for Successful Customer Feedback Surveys

Customer feedback surveys are a highly-effective method for gathering feedback to improve your product. But, this customer feedback channel comes with its own set of challenges. How do you get quality responses from surveys? How do you increase your survey …

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You Are Not the Customer…Even When You Are

Many product managers are faced with the challenge of building solutions for industries they have no hands-on experience with. Pilots and construction workers and doctors all need stuff, and it’s pretty likely you never flew a 747, operated a backhoe, …

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Infographic: Customer Powered Product Decisions

Product feedback is an invaluable resource for informing roadmap decisions for both new and established products, and product teams across the board constantly seek more insight from their customers whether they have 10 or 10,000,000 to listen to. With insight …

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11 non-technical product management skills

11 Essential Non-Technical Product Management Skills

Product Managers are often told (or at least tell themselves) that they are the “CEOs of Product.” While they may not have the overarching authority of the C-Suite, a successful Product Manager is not wrong to make such a humblebrag.

Like …

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customer advisory board putting pieces together

Customer Advisory Board Best Practices

A Customer Advisory Board, or CAB, is your opportunity to tap into your most insightful, influential customers, and gather their opinions on where the market is going, or what they are anticipating in the competitive landscape. It’s the chance to …

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omni-channel customer feedback is crucial

Why You Need Omni-Channel Customer Feedback

Picture this: A few strangers seated around a table in a locked room with a one-way mirror, awkwardly munching on cookies from the supermarket. You stand at the head of the table, carefully interviewing each of them about their experience with …

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Being customer-centric doesn’t have to be so hard

Get a single platform that gives you all the tools to listen, analyze and close the loop with customer bases and internal teams of any size.

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