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Closing the customer feedback loop, how do you close the customer feedback loop?

7 Best Practices for Closing the Customer Feedback Loop

For customer-centric organizations, closing the customer feedback loop is arguably just as important as collecting customer feedback in the first place. Not only can a closed-loop customer feedback process drive customer loyalty and turn average users into passionate evangelists, but …

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How to Be Customer-Centric at Scale

When you start building a product, you are obsessed with “the customer.” You spend abundant time finding out who they are, identifying their pain points, and addressing them gracefully and creatively. Your world is all about interviews, a/b tests, and …

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building an evangelical beta testing community

How to Build an Evangelical Beta Testing Community

This is the third and final article in my beta testing series, which has included articles on How to Find Ideal Beta Testers and How to Motivate Beta Testers.

Have you ever wondered why some sites or products seem to simply explode onto the market? …

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finding ideal beta testers

How to Find Ideal Beta Testers

If product development were a long road trip, then beta testing would be like ensuring that you arrive at your destination looking and smelling fresh. Ignoring or short-shrifting beta testing can lead to the same reaction you might receive when …

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Collecting customer feedback in app

How to Collect Customer Feedback In-App

In-app customer feedback mechanisms are embedded in many apps and products. Look around this screen. Is it there on the right? Down there in the lower left corner? Maybe it’ll appear after you scroll down a bit or give the …

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How to Communicate Product Changes To Your Users

Change is tough. Especially when it comes to making changes to an existing product. When it comes time to launch a new product feature, change, or redesign, we have just finished selling to our own internal “Congress” of decision makers, …

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Best Practices for Customer Feedback Surveys

How to Collect Customer Feedback Using Surveys

You can gather great insight from a customer feedback survey and leverage that information to improve your product by using a few simple tricks of the trade.

The use of surveys to collect customer feedback has exploded in the past few …

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using social media to collect customer feedback

How to Collect Customer Feedback Using Social Media

In the olden days (a.k.a. before Twitter), Product Managers would lament, “If only there were a way I could easily gather customer feedback.” How times have changed. Today, Product Managers are faced with the opposite problem: there is an abundance …

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Being customer-centric doesn’t have to be so hard

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