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Dealing with angry customers

How to Make Amends with an Angry Customer

One of the hardest parts of any customer support role is figuring out how to deal with angry customers in an effective way. Mindy Postoff, Support Ninja for Woo Commerce, lived up to her “Ninja” title in her talk at …

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Crowd Applause

Customer Support is the Dream Job

Today’s post comes from Ben MacAskill, Director of Customer Success at SmugMug and one of the awesome speakers joining us at UserConf Portland in June to talk customer support.

Customer Support is the Dream Job.

If you are reading this, you probably …

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Dealing with Angry Customers

How to Deal with Angry Customers

Today’s post comes from Mindy Postoff, a WooCommerce Support Ninja at WooThemes and one of the fun folks who will be speaking at UserConf Portland in June. 

Regardless of the product or service you sell, problems will arise and customers will …

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Customer Support Bad Habits

4 Customer Service Bad Habits to Banish Today

There’s the good, the bad and the downright ugly in customer support, and it’s become part of the human experience to witness a little bit of each. As support people, we are often conditioned to take note of …

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You are More than your Sat Score

Zsofi Goreczky leads the support operations for Prezi at their Budapest office. You can find out more about the Prezi Support Team and the work they do here. 

“Whirlwind”. This is the new term for what was once called the daily …

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Making New Customer Service Hires Feel Comfortable

There’s two parts of training a customer service rep. The first is imparting the data your company holds. But the second is a little less straightforward. It’s about getting the rep comfortable. It’s terrifying to answer your first tickets. You don’t …

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