We’ve Updated our Terms of Service. Here’s What That Means For You.

Today we’re updating our Terms of Service. In the spirit of alignment, we’ve adjusted our  terms to better reflect the best interests of both our customers and UserVoice. We’ve also added clarification around some terms customers have expressed confusion about. Ultimately, we think our new and improved ToS will make everyone’s lives easier.

Here’s a breakdown of the changes:

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Contracts and Accounts. We want to ensure that you are always clear on your account’s standing. For that reason, we’ve clarified our renewal policy so you understand when renewals occur automatically and when they do not. Also, we understand that your initial software needs can change, so we added language that allows customers to exit their contract and get a refund within 30 days if they are so inclined. In addition, we updated our terms to better represent the increasing number of customers signing custom contracts rather than using a single, standard click-through agreement.

Finally, we added clarification around “kiosking.” Kiosking is when multiple users share a single login and only pay for one seat, which ends up a) costing us money and b) hurting those accounts who are paying their fair share. Our new terms make it clearer that kiosking is not allowed.

Liability. It’s important to us that everyone’s legal interests are protected and that our customer relationships are built on trust. To that end, we removed some language that originally discharged us of all liability in certain situations and clarified the extent to which we are responsible for protecting customer data. Lastly, we added language ensuring that customers are not permitted to store copyrighted data that is not theirs on UserVoice, and we’ve outlined what to do if you find such information on UserVoice.

Terms of Service Notifications. We changed the language so that we can make updates to the ToS in the future without having to manually notify large numbers of our customers. This prevents us from having to track down your home address and send you snail mail, which was required in some cases (really).

Note: These changes will not replace the Terms of Service for those accounts that have a separately negotiated ToS. We don’t currently have all this data in a single system; without knowing which customers do not need to sign, we decided it was best to update everyone.

About the Author

Connor is the COO at UserVoice where he leads the marketing and customer operations functions and is responsible for 80% of the customer's journey from discovery to implementation, adoption and renewal. He is passionate about all things data-driven and is helping lead UserVoice to the forefront of that transformation for product. In addition to being a mediocre (but addicted) golfer he can be found testing out (and breaking) the newest digital toys.

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