The PM’s Toolbox: Product Management Tools and the Problems they Solve

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When to “Kill” Your Product

It’s a sad truth:  not every product lives forever.  As product managers, we eventually wind up being in charge of wrapping up a product that is no longer serving the needs of its customers, hopefully by putting something better in …

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Onboarding a Junior Product Manager

Product Management by Committee: A Recipe for Disaster


It sounds like a really attractive proposition — let’s all get together and decide, as a team, where we want the product to go!  It’s a deceptively simple concept that nearly always results in the safest, least innovative path forward, …

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4 Data Pitfalls Product Managers Need to Watch Out For

Intuition, hunches, and gut feels have no place in the modern product manager’s data-savvy toolbox… right?

There’s no arguing that decision makers now have more information than ever to help them make those decisions, but that’s not always a good thing. …

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customer product interview questions

5 Ways to Deal With a New (non-Product) Executive

New executive team members can mean serious company growth – generally a great sign for your product team. But this doesn’t mean welcoming the new (superpowered) kid on the block is always easy…


When a new executive joins a company, they’re …

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3 Ways User Feedback Fuels Sales Enablement

In this guest post, Cory Bray talks about user feedback in the context of the Sales Enablement Ecosystem, a framework that he and Hilmon Sorey outlined in their book, The Sales Enablement Playbook.


My absolute favorite exchange in HBO’s Silicon Valley …

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Win/Loss Analysis for Product Managers, Part 2

In part 1 of Win/Loss Analysis for Product Managers, we discussed what PMs should play in the win/loss process –  a uniquely objective voice who can benefit greatly from hearing how the product helped sway purchasing decisions. We also laid …

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