Surprise Insights: Coping with Unexpected Product Feedback

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How to Ace Competitive Analysis

Constantly comparing yourself to your peers might be silly when you’re in high school, but in the work world, it’s a different story. Keeping tabs on the competition in business isn’t a petty affair. Your company’s ability to know what …

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Why Product Managers Should Learn to Love Deadlines


Product managers and deadlines have a complicated relationship for a wide variety of reasons.  We often hate them because of the constraints that they put on us, the pressure that they exert on our development teams, and the oversight (sometimes …

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Stop Building for the Sake of Building

More is better, right?

The more stuff your product can do, the more markets and personas you’re satisfying. The more capabilities you have, the fewer reasons for a prospect to say no. The more functionality, the longer people will spend …

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How to Pay Off Technical Debt Without Derailing Progress

There’s a dirty word in the software business, one that is spoken only in hushed tones, whispered in ears during lulls in activity, the thing-that-shall-not-be named: “Technical Debt”.  Every Product Manager deals with this, whether they are aware of it …

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Security and Product Management

As a 21st century product manager, there’s a pretty good chance your product suite includes something that is connected to the Internet. And unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past few years, it’s become very apparent that …

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You Are Not the Customer…Even When You Are

Many product managers are faced with the challenge of building solutions for industries they have no hands-on experience with. Pilots and construction workers and doctors all need stuff, and it’s pretty likely you never flew a 747, operated a backhoe, …

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