The PM’s Toolbox: Product Management Tools and the Problems they Solve

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Win/Loss Analysis for Product Managers, Part 2

In part 1 of Win/Loss Analysis for Product Managers, we discussed what PMs should play in the win/loss process –  a uniquely objective voice who can benefit greatly from hearing how the product helped sway purchasing decisions. We also laid …

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Win/Loss Analysis for Product Managers, part 1

Product managers should be involved in win-loss analysis. Here’s why, and how:

Win-loss analysis enables you to ferret out why prospects initially choose to buy your product (or not) and why they choose to keep buying your product (or not). It …

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The New Product Leader: Dealing with Legacy Tech


At some point in their career, every product leader will take a role in a company where they’re exposed to that classic nightmare known as a “legacy platform”.  It might be something that you need to integrate with, it might …

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Metrics that Matter: Taking action on data

This article was written by Dorian Johnson, Head of Product at Heap

As we become increasingly data driven, we are inundated with countless sources of data. There’s attribution data, email data, behavioral data, support data, CRM data, and more. As data …

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