Update: this plugin is no longer maintained. For a list of available plugins, check out http://developer.uservoice.com.

Had some great news from Chris Abernethy this week. He’s created a WordPress plugin to integrate UserVoice into your site without having to dive into the code. What’s really interesting is now you can install the widget tab only on the pages you want the tab to show up. Here’s what Chris had to say about it:

The initial goal was to provide a simple way for a WordPress administrator to add the UserVoice feedback tab to specific pages or posts on their blog.

The plugin allows the administrator to configure UserVoice options at a per-post level, which allows feedback to be gathered on multiple different topics within the same blog. Each post can be associated with a different UserVoice forum, or even different UserVoice accounts altogether. I felt that this approach would offer the most flexibility, while still remaining simple to configure.


One option for the design of the UserVoice plugin was to simply allow the administrator to enter the appropriate javascript content block to each page. In order to make the plugin accessible to the broadest audience possible (including non-technical users), it made sense instead to collect the variable data (e.g., tab position, account name, etc.) using a form, and to substitute that data into the appropriate javascript before injecting it into the page footer.

Thank you very much Chris, we really appreciate your hard work!

If you’ve created a widget or cool implementation of UserVoice, please let us know and we’ll post it here!