Every company is different. No matter how similar they seem on the outside, the customers, behaviours, and intricacies are always different. This means that sometimes, the default UserVoice widget isn’t right for you.

We’re here to help. Today we’re announcing some new features: advanced customization and cleaner search results for the UserVoice widget!

Custom Widget CSS

First off, for you design geeks out there: you can now fully customize the CSS of the widget. Give the widget your own fonts, your button styles, your colors, etc.

Custom HTML Sidebar

Want to put something totally different in the sidebar when your widget loads? We now allow custom HTML in the sidebar, which means you can totally customize what appears there (as customers start typing, this will be replaced with our Instant Answers…which is good, since instant answers can reduce up to 40% of tickets). Display your logo, links to specific documentation, your support phone number, etc.


Default Selections

By default we list your most effective Knowledge Base articles in the sidebar, but you can now choose to display articles from a specific Topic area.

And, as requested on our forum, you can now choose which form your widget defaults to: the Helpdesk contact form or the Feedback idea creation form.


Merged Search Results

But widget customization isn’t the only improved we’ve rolled out! In the past when a user searched in the widget they would get a list of results segmented by articles and ideas. There was an equal number of both and this meant the best idea didn’t always show up at the top of the results. Now, instead of seeing two different sections for both ideas and articles, you’ll see both articles and ideas listed together (in harmony, of course) and sorted by relevance. It’s a small improvement, but one that will help your customers find what they want faster.


In short, the widget will be yours to customize and widget search results are cleaner than ever. You can find more detail on what you can customize and where to do it in our knowledge base. These features are available now. The default selections are available on all plans, and the custom CSS and HTML are available on our Premium and Ultimate plans respectively.

Thanks for all your feedback and beta testing – it’s because of you that these features were built! If you have any issues or questions, don’t hesitate to drop us a line.