I wrote a post today on our about how it’s crucial to truly understand what customers appreciate about your product.

We spend a lot of time working to understand what you want next, but I want to check in and make sure we understand what you like right now.

We’re thankful for all of you this Thanksgiving, and we want to know: what about UserVoice are you thankful for?


This could be anything. Maybe a certain thing it lets you accomplish at work, maybe a specific feature, maybe a nice experience you had in the product.

We’ll randomly select a customer who answers and give them a free month of Tin or Bronze service. You have to be an existing customer of UserVoice (in other words, if you created your account today or afterwards, you don’t qualify). If you’re on a Gold or higher account, we’ll give you a Bronze amount of credit (hey, we gotta get turkey on the table somehow).

I’m looking forward to hearing what you are thankful for! And thanks for using UserVoice, we’re incredibly thankful for your loyalty, fantastic feedback, and commitment to understanding your customers. You’re making the (and our) world a better place.

Happy holidays,

-Evan Hamilton
Community Manager, UserVoice

evan at uservoice dot com

I’m thankful for Jay Cuthrell for making the above photo available via Creative Commons.