Welcome to our first copywriter, Andy!

(Andy actually started about a month ago, but I forgot to write her an introductory post. It’s not because I was ignoring her…in fact, I think it was because I was just so excited to have her on the team and start working with her!)

Andy Parker is UserVoice’s first copywriter. She’ll be helping us craft more consistent, useful, and fun messages across product and marketing. Andy’s loved writing since the day she could hold a pencil. After she graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in political science, she earned her master’s in English from the University of Northern Colorado. She started her career teaching composition at the Art Institute of Colorado but left to pursue a full-time writing gig and ended up earning her cred as a copywriter in the financial services industry.

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Today, she has more than 12 years’ professional experience practicing her art. A Colorado native, she lived in Denver most of her life but decided to move to San Francisco, a city she’s loved for a long time, last year after her husband got a great job offer (he’s a web developer. Go figure). Andy hopes to publish a novel one day and is really proud and excited to be UserVoice’s first copywriter. She also, apparently (see photo), likes walks on the beach…though we don’t know if she prefers them long or short.

A warm welcome to Andy…we’re very pleased to have you onboard!

-Evan Hamilton
Head of Community, UserVoice

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