Kevin Hale’s talk at UserConf 2012 was both one of the standout talks and one of the most (seemingly) out of place. While other speakers held the titles like “Customer Support Manager” or “Customer Experience Manager”, Kevin is a founder and a designer. So why is he talking at a conference about customer service and support?

Because Kevin believes the same thing we outlined last week: your whole company needs to be focused on delighting your users.

Kevin’s not saying this just because it makes him feel warm and fuzzy inside. He’s saying it because he knows it works. His company, Wufoo, made their investors a 29,561% return on investment. And Kevin absolutely attributes this to a culture built around delighting their users in everything they do.

It’s totally worth the full 30 minutes of your time. Fill a glass with your beverage of choice and get ready for some awesome stories and data.

Dinosaur photo courtesy of Chuck Coker.