Last month we hosted the first-ever UserVoice Summit in San Francisco. While I suspect most people were focused on my enviable MC-ing skills, the event was designed to highlight the evolution of our customer engagement tools and to help companies get even better at retaining customers. As you probably know by now, the biggest thing we announced is Touchpoint Toolkit – a suite of new, addicting engagement tools that lets you:

  • Extend meaningful user interaction throughout the user lifecycle. Imagine 34X more users engage through the new SmartVote™ feature than traditional forums.
  • Capture user sentiment when and where your users engage with you. Translation: you can now quantify the ROI of great support.
  • Reduce support requests with a reimagined version of Instant Answers. Think: an 18% improvement over our existing 40% instant answers success rate.

Intruiged? Check out our CEO, Richard White, presenting Touchpoint Toolkit live at UserVoice Summit.


Sign up for early Touchpoint Toolkit access here.

Of course, we weren’t content with one announcement…

New Pardot integration (for the marketers in the house)

Pardot is a marketing tool that’s heavily based on “scoring” potential customers based on their activity. You can now give customers points when they send in support tickets, post ideas, and the like! To try out our Pardot integration, contact our sales team.

CoSupport training partnership

While our goal is to make UserVoice as intuitive as possible (which many folks think it is), sometimes you need some help, or have a complex implementation planned. Fear not! Our UserConf partner CoSupport is now our official training partner. They’re great at what they do and don’t pull any punches. Contact our sales team for more info.

And all the rest

Although there’s nothing like attending in person, you can find the highlights of the day below.


Hope to see you at UserConf NYC!