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UserVoice now available in 4 more languages, Helpdesk now translation-ready

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translate_headerWhen we launched, we hoped a few people would take advantage of the tool to slowly improve existing translations and port UserVoice into new languages. Little did we know that loads of people (over 70 since February) would generously donate significant time and energy into translating our system.

Today we’re pleased as punch to announce two things related to these translations.

First, UserVoice is now available in 4 more languages: Bulgarian, Croatian, and Serbian (both Latin and Cyrillic).


Thank you to those who translated these – you’ve done a service to us and everyone who speaks these languages.

You can activate a language either in the settings for a specific forum or globally in Settings>Channels>Feedback Site


Second, UserVoice Helpdesk is now fully translatable on

Just swing on over, choose your language, and then dig into any of the following parts of the product:

  • Clients – Feedback & Help Center
  • Clients – Instant Answers Widget
  • Helpdesk – Emails

As proud as we are of UserVoice Helpdesk, we might be even a little more proud of how people have banded together to provide better and more translations than UserVoice could ever hope to on our own. We can’t wait to see what translation comes next, and we’ll be sending some fun stuff to some of our translators soon. :)


-Evan Hamilton
Community Manager, UserVoice

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