Rich and the scoreboardWe put up a valiant fight. With our bright orange shirts and game faces on, we marched as a team into the Mission Recreation Center in San Francisco this weekend. It was time for Github’s Octocat Dodgeball Invitational. And we were there to win.

…in the end, we didn’t. But we put up a valiant fight, winning 1 game until finally succumbing to Twilio in our third game with them. Well fought, sirs and ladies.

But the winner here wasn’t really Heroku, who finally triumphed. The winners were the charities.

$57000 was donated to charities through this match. As non-winners (we don’t believe in the L word), 50% of our $3000 donation went to Heroku’s chosen charity, Heifer International. We’re happy to have donated to that worthy cause, but we’re also thrilled that $1500 of our donation went to our favorite destination: Charity: Water.

Almost a billion people on earth don’t have access to clean drinking water, and Charity: Water focuses entirely on bringing drinkable water to these people. They do this through various projects in schools, communities, and hospitals. You can see many of these on their blog.

Thanks to Github for such a fun, good-natured event and the reminder that it only takes a little to bring water – life, really – to 75 people. We’ve got some other Charity: Water donation projects in progress and we’ll be sure to fill you in as they progress.

Oh, and by the way – that trophy is ours next year.

-Evan Hamilton
Community Manager, UserVoice