Back in 2010 we released our beta iPhone SDK, allowing app developers to add a feedback forum to their iPhone apps quickly and easily. Since then, UserVoice has undergone a lot of changes, including the introduction of our support tickets system, knowledge base, Instant Answers (TM) and more. We’ve incorporated these new UserVoice features, along with a lot of the great feedback we received from you about our iPhone SDK, and are proud to release UserVoice for iOS 2.0, now available for download on Github.

For UserVoice for iOS 2.0 we focused on making it easier than ever for users to get help and give feedback directly in your iOS apps, whether it be searching your knowledge base, sending a message or posting an idea on your forum. We also added Instant Answers (TM) to help your users get the help they need as quickly as possible––while reducing your support load at the same time. The days of inefficient mailto links and inboxes full of incomplete or misdirected messages are over!


What’s new

  • Browsable knowledge base, with the option to pass in a specific topic.
  • Federated search, allowing users to search for ideas and articles simultaneously.
  • Configurable portal screen, optimized for users to give feedback and get support faster than ever.
  • When implementing the SDK, you can choose to bypass the portal screen altogether by opening the contact form, new idea form or feedback forum directly using your own interface elements.
  • Instant Answers on the contact form and new idea form.
  • Improved design for the feedback forum makes it easier for users to search existing ideas and create new ones.
  • Redesigned idea screen is easier to see an idea’s status, admin response and comments.

Learn more at or download it from Github. We look forward to your feedback!