We’re consistently working on functionality to help our users save time, stay organized, and keep customers in the loop. This month we released a few key functionalities to help our users be more efficient when closing the loop and managing suggestions and acted on a few other popular suggestions from our user feedback forum. In total, we addressed 7 suggestions from our users with a grand total of 458 votes. Here’s what’s new:

Close the loop on multiple suggestions at once with bulk status updates

The last thing you want to do is leave your users hanging after they’ve gone through the trouble of sharing their feedback with you. As a best practice, we suggest closing the loop on all feedback you receive, even if that means telling a customer you’re not going to build something. 

To support that best practice, we’ve made it easier to close the loop with our bulk status updates. Now, you can update statuses and message supporters of several suggestions at once. Whether you’re cleaning up suggestions your team has chosen not to implement, or letting users know their suggestions are coming out in an upcoming release, bulk updates will save you time and help ensure customers know their valued feedback has been heard.Now you can update the status of multiple UserVoice suggestions at once

Quickly organize suggestions with bulk label updates

Labels are one of many ways you can organize and group your suggestions. Now, modifying labels is easier than ever before with bulk label updates which allow you to add and remove labels from multiple suggestions in seconds.

you can also bulk update labels on UserVoice suggestions

Dig deeper with follow-ups on supporter message replies

As you gather more context on a suggestion via comments from supporters, there may be situations where you want to dig a little deeper into the details of an individual comment. Getting those details is easier than before as we now support 1:1 conversations with supporters.

Previously, admins were able to send a 1:1 message to gather this context, but the thread was closed as soon as the supporter responded. Now you can have continuous conversations with individual supporters go gather all the context you need to make the right decisions.

uservoice now supports supporter message replies

Create filtered roadmap views

Different groups of stakeholders care about different parts of the roadmap, and for many stakeholders, the full roadmap is too broad. Many stakeholders only need to see specific parts of the roadmap, or a high-level view of what’s cooking. Tailoring your roadmap to the audience you’re sharing it with is one way to keep your presentations focused and useful for everyone. That’s why we’ve made it possible to filter your product roadmap by product area. 

Now, you can easily toggle internal roadmap views between various product areas to quickly drill down to the information that matters most to your audience. You can create internal versions of the product roadmap in UserVoice

Other changes

A few additional improvements we’ve released: 

  • You can now sort search results in the suggestions grid
  • Admins can now add attachments to responses, status updates, and comments
  • Users can now edit their own ideas
  • End users can edit comments 

Suggestions we’ve acted on

These updates are thanks to feedback from users like you. Here are the 7 UserVoice suggestions these improvements came from:

This functionality is currently live and available on all accounts. Give it a try and let us know what you think