UserConf Big Cat Preview

So we’ve been pretty clear about how awesome the speakers at UserConf are going to be. They’re amazing practitioners from Github, Causes, Automattic, & more. They will drop some serious knowledge.

But we think it’s important we also take a moment to celebrate one of the most exciting elements of UserConf 2013: the afterparty in the Lion house.

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King of the jungle? More like king of our afterparty!

lion yawning

Don’t worry – they’ll be in a cage!

Fear not – we’ve got tigers too!

You will literally be able to get THIS close to a tiger if you so choose.

If we’re very lucky, we’ll also get to see the Zoo’s brand-new tiger cub!!

fisher cat

Big cats are great, but howabout this handsome gentleman? He’s a Fisher Cat, and he’ll be there too!


Not a fan of cats? Step outside to our bar and check out the adorable penguins!


Best of all? By attending our event, your cash is helping with the conservation of these amazing creatures!

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Roaring lion photo courtesy of Tambako the Jaguar

Lions photo courtesy of David Becker.
Yawning lion courtesy of Michael Fraley.
Tiger photo courtesy of Doug Downen.
Tiger cage photo courtesy of Kevin Duffy.
Fisher cat photo courtesy of Angela N.
Penguin photo courtesy of Tommy Elmesewdy.

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