Making your customers happy is an essential part of doing business. Whether it’s through a fantastic product, loving customer support, amazing attitude or (hopefully) all of the above, happy customers equal revenue.

We’ve discovered a lot of people doing and writing about amazing customer service (like you, probably). But we haven’t discovered any amazing conferences addressing this crucial part of your business.

So we decided to put together our own.

UserConfToday we’re proud to announce UserConf, a 1-day conference about keeping your customers happy. We’ve got a bunch of passionate speakers with real-life experience in customer support, customer feedback, customer-centric design, etc from companies like 37signals, Eventbrite, and Airbnb.

This is a conference for everybody. Just like our blog, you don’t have to be a UserVoice (or CoSupport, who is producing the event with us) customer to get something out of this.

We’ve assembled some amazing speakers who are going to talk about their experiences, successes, and failures in this space. No talking heads, no “gurus,” no product pitches, nobody telling you “tool x is the future of everything.” Just real people talking about what works and what doesn’t.

UserConf will be on October 12th in San Francisco. We have very limited space, so register before tickets sell out!

See you at UserConf!

-Evan Hamilton
Head of Community, UserVoice