While we’re hard at work with some exciting new functionality for UserVoice, we’re also constantly working on the little things that add up. Here’s a roundup of a few of those changes we’ve recently rolled out.

See when and where your users are

Inspector now includes the user’s latest known location and local time (if we don’t know the user’s location-based IP address, this information will not be visible). This is great when responding to tickets because you get a better sense of whether someone is nearing the end of their day – or just getting up!


New “Company Insights” gadget

Our new Company Insights gadget looks up a user’s email domain and, if they’re from a major corporation, it pulls in any related Forbes and Alexa information about their company.


Search tickets by created and updated date ranges

For a long while you’ve been able to search for tickets by created or updated, but were limited to specific ranges like today, yesterday, week, month, and year. Now you can search for tickets that were created and updated within specific date ranges.

This immediately benefits the Ticket Insights report, which allows you to choose specific date ranges for reporting. Now, when you click into a specific list of tickets via the Ticket Insights report, you’ll see the actual tickets created within that date range.

You can also search date ranges directly with the created_start, created_end, updated_start, and updated_end search operators. For example: created_start:”2014-03-24″ created_end:”2014-03-28″.


Learn more about how to use search operators on our knowledge base.

Set custom field values for multiple tickets at a time

In addition to our existing ticket bulk actions, you can now set one or many custom fields on as many tickets as you like. This can be really useful if you get a bunch of tickets about the same thing and want to categorize them using custom fields.

As an added bonus, you can now bulk Open tickets as well.

Export articles to Excel

Until recently the only way to export your UserVoice articles was to export all of your account data. If you had a really large account, this could take a very long time. One day, Claire said, “hey guys, why can’t our customers just export articles the same way they can export tickets?” and we said to ourselves, “that’s a great idea!” So, now you can export just the articles you want to.


We hope you enjoy these updates!