Hey folks,

Next Thursday, June 21st we’ll be updating the main page (or portal page, if you will) of UserVoice Helpdesk and Full Service accounts (Feedback accounts are unaffected).

This new design doesn’t remove any functionality, but greatly improves the usability of the page, especially for new customers. We’ve done testing on a number of accounts and found that the new design often decreases the bounce rate (percentage of people who visit the page and then leave).

You can see a preview of your site with this new design by simply adding ?site2_1=true to the end of the URL (ex: http://gomiso.uservoice.com/?site2_1=true). As you may notice, it eschews the giant search box for a focus on recently-updated ideas (giving your customers a sense of real activity) and your Knowledge Base topics. Don’t worry! The search, and all the navigation, are now much more accessible within the sidebar (which we introduced last November). It also organizes your knowledge base more clearly and displays more of your articles. If you have a Helpdesk account, rather than a Full Service account, you’ll see the same thing, minus the ideas section. Only the portal page is affected – all the rest of the app will remain the same.

The transition on the 21st will be short, with no downtime. While we’ve thoroughly tested the changes (and had them live on our portal for some time), please let us know if you encounter any issues and we’ll address them ASAP.

Custom designed accounts will not be migrated at this time. If you have a custom design, we’ll contact you via email when we’re ready to work through the transition with you.

If you have any questions, please contact us – our customer team will be standing by and happy to help.


-Evan Hamilton
Head of Community, UserVoice