Tips & Tricks: Review your feedback forum before & after big projects

search_resultsUserVoice Feedback forums can be a goldmine of useful customer ideas. But sometimes, you just need to know when to mine!

Two suggestions for you:

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1. When you’re embarking on a new project, check UserVoice for related ideas

If you’re going to be taking something large on, first check to see if there is any useful feedback in your forum that might be relevant. For example, if you’re already planning on rebuilding your Settings section, do a search for “settings” or “preferences” in your forum. You might find some ideas you had forgotten about that can help you ensure that your project is addressing customer needs.

2. When you’ve finished a project, check UserVoice for related ideas and close them

Whenever you make significant changes to your product, you’re likely to have solved or invalidated some ideas in your forum. Go through the forum and close out these ideas. It makes your forum cleaner, returns votes to those customers, and has the added benefit of letting them know that you’re listening to and acting on their feedback. That’s just good for morale!

Build these tasks into your product cycles and revel in your better product and happier customers!

Do you have a tip or trick? Tell us in the comments!

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