UserVoice Knowledge Base ChallengeIn November we challenged you to spend 10 minutes a day writing documentation. Why? Because UserVoice’s Instant Answers feature could automatically answer up to 40% of customer issues…it just needs content to work.

Our winner is…Memolane, with a whopping 50% improvement, landing them at a 33% Instant Answers rate! Congrats Meghan and Memolane – you get a free month of UserVoice service!

Instant Answer Improvement Rate

Claro gets a shout-out for the best Instant Answer rate: 36%!

A kudos to everyone who participated. Finding time to write documentation is damn hard, and frequently gets deprecated in order to answer tickets…the same tickets that the documentation might have answered!

Here are our tips to keep up and improve your Instant Answers rate in 2012:

1. Give out your support email address less. Sure, sometimes you have to. But if you can, try to send people through your UserVoice widget or portal page. 100% of emailed tickets make it through to your queue…with no chance of being Instantly Answered.

2. Look at your article report. Which articles are getting viewed, but still not Instantly Answering people? Make sure you’re improving these articles before writing any new ones.

Knowledge Base Article Report

3. Keep up the 10 minutes of writing per day (or increase it!). Eventually it adds up, and you’ll see that Instant Answers rate increase.

Thank you to everyone who participated, and one more congrats to Memolane!

-Evan Hamilton
Community Manager, UserVoice

Trophy photo courtesy of Brad K