As part of our series on the importance of company culture, we’re highlighting our company values here at UserVoice. Find more posts about culture here.

Focus, focus, focus – it’s what lets companies like Apple be so overwhelming successful at what they do. Companies that focus on identifying a specific set of needs and solving the problems that make accomplishing those needs difficult do something fantastic – they really solve real problems. So am I saying we’re like Apple? Yes, I definitely am. We’re not here to do everything, or to create options for every single niche. What we are here to do is solve a specific set of problems in the best way possible.

Really solve real problems

So what does that mean exactly? It means this, from our Head of Sales Danny Bloomfield: “Our product isn’t built around bells and whistles and arms races with competitors; we start with the business problem first and develop the solutions that will help the most people at once.”

That means we identify a problem, understand why the problem exists, and build tools to address the issues causes the problems in the first place. We’re not looking to mask something or create a workaround or create an overly complicated solution – we’re here to find a problem and solve it well. A real problem is a cause, not a symptom and a real solution is often complicated, comprehensive by nature, and ideally elegant. Happy customers is our goal, and a commitment to really solving their real problems is how we accomplish that. Our solutions waste less of your time so you have more time to waste.

Calculator photo courtesy of Vincent Li.