What’s the biggest time suck at a 2-person startup strapped for time? Minutiae. And while one can ignore shaving, buying food, or taking baths for awhile, you can’t ignore customers who are asking the same questions over and over. That’s a great way to kill your startup and have to start shaving again.

So it’s remarkable that Tellfi (think Google Voice for business) is trying to encourage MORE customer interactions. Why? Because they’ve eliminated many of these tiring repeat questions by creating Knowledge Base articles in UserVoice. Says Tellfi’s Jason Corwin:

“After we posted some articles in our UserVoice Knowledge Base, we found people stopped asking the questions we answered there. The Instant Answers feature actually helps them faster than we could.”

By allowing UserVoice to automatically suggest answers when customers begin to write a message, Tellfi has dramatically reduced the number of emails they get. It’s true – your FAQ can actually help your customers, instead of sitting in a corner covered in cobwebs.

Telfi Customer Support Instant Answers

Instead of using this extra time to play Angry Birds, Tellfi has focused on having deeper conversations with their customers, contacting customers when they upgrade and even deactivate. Jason estimates 50% of their deactivators respond to these emails, which has led directly to dollar signs:

“Without these emails, we wouldn’t have nearly as many paid accounts. UserVoice has freed us up to spend more time answering these high-value questions, instead of writing the repetitive ones over and over. I don’t see us ever switching.”

Try the UserVoice Full Service 14-day trial today and see how you can save time so you can focus on the important things.