I’ll get right to it:

UserVoice is now 5X more likely to keep your customers engaged and active, and our email open rates are higher than industry standards.

Let me explain…


Earlier this year we launched a new sign-in system. We spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to remove the barrier of account creation to interact on a UserVoice forum less arduous, but still capture an email so you could keep your customers in the loop. It wasn’t perfect. You all exposed plenty of bugs and oversights, some of which we’ve fixed and some of which we haven’t. (Thank you for that, by the way!)

The big concern with the new system was that those who had previously contributed anonymously wouldn’t engage because the new system requires an email address. Thankfully, our testing shows this not to be true.

Despite the fact that voting now requires the extra step of signing in, we’ve seen a negligible change in the % of visitors who vote.

The new sign-in system is still unobtrusive enough for those who want to contribute without signing up for an account.

Of course, we didn’t change the system for nothing. The goal was to capture email addresses for everyone who contributes on your forums, so that you can keep them engaged and plugged into what you’re doing when you update the status of ideas.

This has been an exciting success – we’ve seen a 5X improvement in the % of voters who provide an email address (not including SSO users, as that’s a different beast) from 15% to 72.5%.

So, now that you’re capturing more emails, are people opening them? We have good news on that front too.

UserVoice notification emails have rather high open and clickthrough rates when compared to the standards of the industries we serve.

Status Type Open Rate Clickthrough Rate
Under Review 59% 25%
Planned 40% 14%
Started 60% 23%
Completed 55% 17%
Declined 57% 25%

For comparison, here’s some data from our friends at MailChimp (whom we highly recommend for traditional newsletters and the like)

Industry Open Rate Clickthrough Rate
Education 26% 5%
Government 27% 4%
Internet/Web Svc. 20% 6%
Software 18% 3%
Technology 21% 3%

(there are certainly other industries on that page with comparable rates, but only a few, and they’re not the industries that UserVoice generally serves)

Of course, this requires you actually respond to ideas. Keep an eye on our tips and tricks series to learn more about responding to ideas. We’ll also be rolling out some changes in the future to help you keep better track.

The bottom line: UserVoice is now 5X more likely to keep your customers engaged and active regarding your company. We might even be more effective than your mailing list!

Thanks for your support, your help fine-tuning the new sign-in system, and your constant feedback. Keep it coming – you make us better so we can help you make your business better!

Rock on and understand your customers,

-Evan Hamilton
Community Manager, UserVoice 

evan at uservoice dot com