bigstock-urgent-letters-835615Last year we posted about UserVoice Feedback’s excellent email open and clickthrough rates. But when we looked at the numbers more closely, we knew they couldn’t quite be right. Here’s the details, which you’re welcome to skip if you’re not a numbers geek:

The way everyone measures open rates is by looking at how many times an image in the email is loaded. However, many email programs block images, so these numbers are artificially low. Clicks are much easier to track, so sometimes you see 5 opens and 10 clicks! To try to make opens more accurate, we’re extrapolating the open rate based upon the number of clicks. Which means that the actual clickthrough rate changes, because it turns out there are more people opening the email. While we were at it, we also updated how we measure our clickthrough rate to the industry standard of clicks/receives.

What’s the punchline? It turns out our clickthrough and open rates are significantly higher than we previously thought.

Here’s the updated charts (we’ve also updated the old blog post):

Status Type Open Rate Clickthrough Rate
Under Review 59% 25%
Planned 40% 14%
Started 60% 23%
Completed 55% 17%
Declined 57% 25%

For comparison, here’s some data from the lovely folks at MailChimp (whom we highly recommend for traditional newsletters):

Industry Open Rate Clickthrough Rate
Education 17% 3%
Government 26% 5%
Social Networks 22% 3%
Software 16% 2%
Marketing 19% 4%

We’ve also updated our tracking of open and clickthrough rates inside the Admin Console for individual status updates.

So congrats! Your UserVoice Feedback forum is now even more effective at engaging your customers!

Urgent Letters photo via Bigstock.