austin neon signThanks to your awesome support earlier this year, we’ve been selected to speak in two panels at South by Southwest next month. We’re very excited to share some knowledge, and we hope you’ll attend!

I’d also like to connect personally with any UserVoicers who will be at SXSW. If you’re going to be attending, please leave a comment or email me: evan[at] Beers are on me. 🙂

Our panels:

Community-Centered Design: It's Not About the User  


With Richard White (CEO, UserVoice) and Steve Huffman (Co-founder, Reddit)
It seems like everyone is trying to build an online community these days. Unfortunately, designing a community space is much trickier to nail than your typical web app. You’ll often find that the needs of your community are at odds with those of individual users.
This talk will cover some of the key concepts behind community-driven design and how you can incorporate them into your design thinking. We’ll also cover some of common pitfalls that drive participants away from online communities or create insular bedroom communities. Most importantly, we’ll share our experiences and data from building successful online communities.


Community & Influence: How Not to Piss People Off  


With Evan Hamilton (Community Manager, UserVoice), Frank Eliason (SVP Social, Citibank), Maria Ogneva (Community Manager, Yammer), and Megan Berry (Founder, LiftFive)
Marketing is social. We're all sold. But how do you maximize your return in social without appearing like a douchebag? One the one hand, top influencers in the social space are the ones who can truly drive action back to your brand. Yet, on the other hand no one likes a brand who refuses to interact with the little guy. As social marketing becomes more serious, more serious metrics are being demanded — learn what works and what doesn't. And what about service — should influence affect whom you help first?

See you in Austin!

-Evan Hamilton
Community Manager, UserVoice 

Photo courtesy of Alex De Carvahlo.