live_chat_snapengageLive chat is an incredibly powerful support tool. It’s instant, it inspires trust in customers, and it means that you can talk to people before they potentially get frustrated and leave.

If you do choose to make live chat part of your support offerings, it’s key that it ties back in with your ticketing system. This means all your customer communications are in one place, giving you crucial context. Additionally, chats often require follow-up…which is much easier to do if the chat and customer email are already in your ticket system, waiting for a response. (Trying to decide if live chat is right for you? Check out our “To live chat or not to live chat?” blog post for the pros and cons.)

So we’re pleased as punch that live chat provider SnapEngage recently launched an integration with UserVoice Helpdesk. It’s simple and powerful:

Chats on SnapEngage show up in the UserVoice Helpdesk ticket queue as soon as the chat ends (or, if you prefer more control, only if you type /record during a chat). They include the customer email (if gathered) so you can respond just like a normal ticket. Additionally, while chatting you’ll find a handy link to the customer’s UserVoice profile, so you can get more context about them. Quick, simple, effective.


You can sign up at, learn more about the integration here, and find instructions on setting up the integration here.

Get chattin’!

-Evan Hamilton
Head of Community, UserVoice