Seesmic Desktop now supports UserVoice

Do you live in Seesmic’s social media desktop app? Do you wish you could manage your UserVoice account in the same slick interface?

Seesmic has a present for you.

Today, longtime UserVoice customers Seesmic announced the launch of a UserVoice plugin for their desktop app. The plugin allows you to view, manage, and respond to ideas and tickets for your UserVoice account…all within Seesmic Desktop.

Get it Now!

Here are my UserVoice tickets and ideas sitting alongside my Twitter feed:

Seesmic Dashboard and UserVoice

Here’s how you can respond to tickets or ideas:


Dig it? Hop into the marketplace (from right within Seesmic Desktop) and add the UserVoice app…you’ll be helping your customers from Seesmic in no time.


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