Links now open in new tabs

We’ve received a lot of feedback that folks found it annoying that links in knowledge base articles were set to target=_blank, which made them open in a new tab. Some people (including me!) want to control how many tabs and windows they have open (my browser is already a mess with dozens of tabs open; I have a problem).

We’ve updated the knowledge base so that all links default to opening in the same tab. This is retroactive, so all of your existing links will do this too. If you WANT them to open in a new tab you can edit the HTML of the article and add target=”_blank”.


This also affects links within tickets. You can’t change this, but if you want to open them in a new tab you can accomplish this by holding down command (on Mac) or control (on Windows) while clicking a link.

Rel=nofollow is off (for paid accounts)

At the same time we made another oft-requested change. Links in knowledge base articles were defaulting to rel=nofollow. This tells Google to ignore the link from the knowledge base to the website. This was intended to prevent spammers from signing up for UserVoice and adding a bunch of links to their spammy site, pushing it higher in Google search results.

However, if you’re not a spammer it’s a bit annoying that Google doesn’t pay attention to these links, which could help increase your search engine ranking. Our solution is pretty simple: links from the knowledgebase are no longer rel=nofollow…unless you’re on a free account.

These changes are small but they’ve been requested many times, so we hope they make your UserVoice experience a little better. Keep sending that feedback!

-Evan Hamilton
Head of Community, UserVoice

Photo courtesy of Thomas Leth-Olsen