Everyone wants to know what other people are saying about them. And this includes businesses and customer service departments; knowing if your customer is hailing or railing you on Twitter can completely affect the tone and even content of your message to them.

That’s why my favorite feature of UserVoice’s new Inspector sidebar is the ability to see what the user you’re talking to has said about your company on Twitter lately. And it’s really easy to set up:

  • Sign into the Admin Console
  • Click Settings from the sidebar on the left
  • Click Integrations
  • In the Add a Gadget section, click the Twitter button
  • In the Gadget name box, give it a label
  • In the Company Twitter Username box, enter your company name (e.g. @UserVoice)
  • Click the Create button at the bottom, and you’re done!

(Not working? We may have updated the instructions – check out the knowledge base article)

Now when you’re viewing a customer in Inspector and they’ve mentioned you recently on Twitter (we’re limited to recent tweets by Twitter’s API), we’ll highlight that tweet:



-Evan Hamilton
Community Manager, UserVoice