Everyone loves a random act of kindness. A stranger holding the door open for you. A young man helping an old woman cross the street. Extra marshmallows in our hot chocolate. But how often do we consider performing these random acts of kindness for our customers?

chaiThis morning I went to The Chai Cart. I go twice a week (I’d go more, but I’m watching my caffeine intake). The cart sells serious chai. Not this Starbucks super-sweet, slightly-spicy stuff. This chai has kick. It burns a little bit. It’s like the chai I grew up drinking at the Buddhist temple.

The folks at this cart are always nice, despite the fact that they’re out in the elements for hours at a time. Today, the woman behind the cart said: “One large chai? Alright, that’ll be 50c off today.”

Surprised, I waited a moment for the pitch. “…if you buy two.” “…if you refer a friend.” “…share the news on Facebook!”

It never came, so I asked: “Why’s that?” She responded: “Oh, it’s just customer appreciation day here at the Chai Cart.” Thinking they were latching on to a specific holiday, I asked if it was customer appreciation day everywhere. “Oh, no,” she answered. “We just like to do it from time to time.”

No strings. No “deals” where you end up spending more money than you intended. No “you only get this discount if you like us on Facebook and specifically ask for it”. Simply an act of kindness. I love The Chai Cart, but now I love them even more.

We talked a few weeks back about how adding a 25c lollipop to a sandwich order delivered happiness, and here’s example number two.

When was the last time you did something randomly generous for your customers? We suggest giving it a try (and letting us know how it goes)!

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Cookies photo courtesy of Ginny