Rackspace has literally trademarked “Fanatical Support”. They’ve been using this phrase since the dot com days. Why? “If you threw a rock you’d hit a hosting provider”, says Robert Collazo, Social Media Manager at Rackspace. “We had to stand out.” Rackspace’s goal was to become a great service company first and foremost.

welcome to rackspace home of fanatical supportAs you talk to Robert, you realize how serious this undertaking is at a huge company like Rackspace (4,300 employees, 180,000 customers). No one person could possibly read all customer interactions, even if they never slept. To ensure fanatical support, they’ve had to build a respect for the customer deep into their DNA.

Open lines of communication are also huge at Rackspace. Customer support employees have direct contact with product managers, so they can pass feedback on to those who are able to act on it. Robert says that this is key: “support issues can be solved when product managers are aware of what the customers' needs are.”

Rackspace’s customer-centricity is reflected in their metrics. They're focused on customer satisfaction, rather than keeping costs low. Rackspace measures it’s Net Promoter score, but also lets their customers rate individual tickets. If a response gets marked as bad, they will look into it and figure out how they can do better. “Of course we look at other metrics,” admits Robert. “But satisfaction is absolutely #1.”

Robert says that options are crucial for customer support at an organization of Rackspace’s size. Rackspace allows customers to send tickets through a contact form, chat with live agents, or contact them via social media. “Everyone has their preferred method, and we try to accommodate them.”

rackspace support options

Robert is full of energy and enthusiasm about Rackspace’s customers…something you don’t often see at a tech-focused enterprise company. But it’s that enthusiasm – instead of simply tools and training manuals – that guides Rackspace’s customer support. Robert says: “the processes and people built into the organization support a clear goal: make our customers fall in love”. And it’s working.

Water tower photo courtesy of 31jefe.