The healthcare tech industry is complicated. Regulations from different states, employers, and insurance companies mean that nothing is ever simple. And most companies solve this by simply building their product and selling the heck out of it.

Qualifacts – an electronic health records provider for behavioral health – does it differently. They’ve built customer feedback deeply into their processes as a company, and it’s not just an afterthought – it’s the first thought.

“100% of the new features we’re considering go on our UserVoice forum first,” says Gregg Boyle, Qualifacts CTO. “We want to make sure everyone has a chance to weigh in so we’re only building things that people really want, in the way that they want them.”qualifacts_forumTheir forum isn’t a tiny link in the corner of their site, though. In addition to announcing it at their annual users’ conference, they link their online community to it and frequently mention it in email communications. It helps that Qualifacts is so obsessed with customer communications. They meet every single customer throughout the year, and encourage them to post any feedback to the forum. In fact, they even encourage members of their online community to promote ideas to each other. “There’s nothing more powerful than seeing an idea pull ahead because customers have discussed it’s importance amongst themselves,” says Gregg.

Qualifacts also acts quickly on this feedback. Along with implementing UserVoice Feedback, they also moved from a yearly to a quarterly development process. Gregg explained: “We didn’t want people to wait a year to see the results of their feedback. Every quarter we choose the items we’re planning on addressing, allow for 30 days of commenting, and then dive in.”

And the cherry on top? They personally thank everyone who comments on this list. “We aren’t just mining our customers for data, we truly care about their opinions. UserVoice helps us hear and understand them.”