Post-Party Summary

Here it is, Saturday and I’m just now getting to post a follow-up! What an amazing night we had with the folks at 12seconds.  A couple hundred people joined us for our Launch Party and we have to say, we’re honored if you played a part. Even Robert Scoble stopped by for a tour and a drink or three.

If you’d like to see some of the videos recorded at the event – check out the 12seconds blog post!

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If you were able to make it (or meant to come but couldn’t), thank you so much for supporting us!  We had a great time meeting all of you – especially those who took the party bus from San Francisco!  We heard you had extra special fun!

Also want to say thank you to Kid Kameleon, DJ Ripley, as well as @beach from 12seconds for DJing the party – it was a great team effort!  Thank you guys for the great music & cooperation.  Mostly, thank you @emilyjo & @thesolster for decorating & coordinating the party – Thanks!

***note*** if you post photos on flickr, please use the tag #UV12Launch so we can identify the photos!

Party popper photo courtesy of Nana B. Agyei

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