We’re lucky here at UserVoice. Well, really we’re very intentional. Maybe a bit of both. In any case, this has lead to us having a fantastic sales team who actually care about helping you solve your issues…rather than selling with no regard for your needs.

Wayland Mok is the latest addition to this team, and he brings the same level of empathy. Born and raised right here in San Francisco, Wayland worked at JP Morgan Chase before coming to UserVoice…and he’s never going back unless they drag him, kicking and screaming. They would do best to drag him; Wayland was a sprinter on his high school track team and leapt over hundreds of hurdles that came up to his waist!

So yes, Wayland is new to the tech industry, which has proven occasionally frustrating for him but means he brings a fresh perspective to a team that spends too much time reading Pando Daily. Wayland says “being in customer service all my life, UserVoice seemed to be a perfect fit. I’m really excited to learn about this booming industry and how it enriches everyone’s lives.”

Welcome, Wayland!

-Evan Hamilton
Head of Community, UserVoice