New UserVoice front-end rolling out to everyone next week

In March we launched UserVoice Helpdesk, and with it a new front-end interface for UserVoice. You’ve probably seen it – our account uses it, as well as every new signup since March.

While you won’t see a ton of new functionality on the surface, we’ve made major changes to the stuff under the hood:

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  • Written in HTML5
  • Easier to theme
  • Fits accessibility standards
  • Responsive layout, so it works better on mobile devices
  • And more

Most importantly, this new structure will allow us to iterate faster, bringing you better things in less time.

Next week, on the morning (PDT) of Wednesday the 23rd, we’ll be moving most accounts over to this new interface. We’ll be moving some of the more fragile accounts – those with custom designs or legacy features – throughout the next two months. We’re excited to provide you with a more flexible, powerful interface, and we hope you’re excited too.

I know this will be frustrating for some folks. I’ve been there…I’m sure I’ve complained more than a few times about how irritated I was with a new interface. But this new structure will truly allow us to move faster in making UserVoice better and better for you. We’ve spent the last few months polishing and improving this interface. Is it perfect? Definitely not. But we will absolutely be listening to your feedback and issues over the coming days, weeks, and months and improving the interface to make sure it fits your needs.

If you have questions, concerns, issues, or anything, please leave a comment or send us a message – we’re standing by to help as this rolls out to you.

-Evan Hamilton
Community Manager, UserVoice

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