listening to their customers, I like!

It always feels so good to hear from excited customers! =) We LOVE listening to our users, and have been busy working on new features and improvements to make it easier for you to listen and respond to yours!

Below are many of changes we made in June based on your feedback :


  • Added: Japanese & Chinese Translations (read about our trip to Japan)
  • Improved: French Translation
  • Improved: Nederlands Translation
  • Improved: German translation


  • Fixed: Suggestions api call
  • Fixed: API returns both SSO display name and guid
  • Fixed: XML fields return guid when appropriate


  • Added: Admins now receive email notifications for new suggestions. These can be turned on/off in your profile settings (view)
  • Added: Admins can now set the default translation on a per-forum basis
  • Added: Search/filtering in suggestion view for admins
  • Added: Admins can now define the default feedback sort (popular, hot, new, accepted, declined) for each forum (view)
  • Improved: The interface for managing admins–including the ability to search through existing admins, add new ones, or promote to account owner (view)
  • Improved: Interface notification after adding admin
  • Improved: The users table now displays all SSO and active users
  • Improved: more info links on http://[account]


  • Improved: ‘Account owner’ parameter added to SSO
  • Improved: Added ‘logout’ feature for SSO users
  • Fixed: bug related to associating SSO accounts to 3rd party accounts


  • Added: Status emails now include avatars beside comments
  • Improved: More informative notifications when deleting an account
  • Improved: Interface notification for posted comment
  • Improved: Links in live-update emails
  • Improved: Interface notification for posted comment


  • Added: Forgot password link for users who signed in using 3rd party, now returns specific 3rd party service in error message
  • Fixed: bug resulting in 404s on password reset link
  • Fixed: bug when attempting to login using a non-existent account
  • Fixed: widget display bug in Chrome
  • Fixed: bug related to atom feeds