We’re super excited to tell you about the number of updates we have to announce, so let’s just get to it:

New Service Plan (self service sign up)
Now that we’ve been able to improve our offerings, we can finally reveal a smaller bite-sized service level for start-ups and small business.  This will be known as the Bronze Package – priced at $89/mo. (discount code below).

This plan includes:

  • 10,000 Users, 6 Forums, 1 Private Forum, 6 Admins
  • Moderation & Analytics
  • Domain Aliasing & Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Email Support

Silver Package Supercharged!
This service now includes Single Sign On, Domain Aliasing as well as access to APIs.  For and away, this is now our best valued package and sure to cover the majority of business needs.

New Administration Interface
We’re doing more to make administration of your forum even easier to use & understand. Note that the “Manage Account” has  been changed to a tab at the top that says “Admin,” in addition to a small banner being placed on the sidebar.  We’ve also made is yellow so as to stand out clearly.


New Cookie-Based Single Sign In

Now that this is in place, we’ll now be able to control access to private UserVoice forums via login. Since this is available, we’re now going to include SSO, APIs & domain aliasing in our Silver package – making it a huge value to businesses looking to dialogue with customers or employees.

Better Search
To speed up and improve UV searches, we swapped out our old search tool for a better one!

Updated Terms of Service
Now that we’re handling credit card processing, we had to add some verbiage.

So Let’s Get Started
Use discount code LIGHTNINGREFLEXES which gives the first 20 people to signup for our Bronze or Silver plans 20% off  (if you sign up before Jan 27 2009)To take advantage of this discount:If you are signing up for the first time, go to our Sign Up Page

  • Login to your UserVoice Admin page.
  • Look to the left – you’ll see “Subscription Plan”Select, “Change Plan.”
  • Select your preferred plan.
  • Insert this Coupon Code:   LIGHTNINGREFLEXES