Hey UserVoicers,

I’ve only been here a week and I’m already impressed with how quickly this team builds and implements improvements. Here are the new treats you’ll be seeing in your UserVoice admin interface starting today.

Merged Ideas In History

As part of our continuing push to make the Idea History tab a more useful trail of activity we’ve added Merges as a History item. Any time you merge ideas, the fact that they’ve been merged will show up in the History tab. More information means you can do your job better!


Forums Can Now Have Unlimited Votes

Let me preface – part of the strength of the UserVoice platform is votes as limited currency. If your customers only have a certain number of votes to spend, they’ll vote for the things that are most important to them…driving the ideas they truly want to the top. This is the best way for you to get actionable feedback from your UserVoice forum.

That said, sometimes there are situations in which you just need more votes – such as if you have an internal company forum and a large backlog of ideas.

You asked for it[1] and you’re getting it: we now provide the option for you to allow unlimited votes per customer at the forum level. Keep in mind that customers will still only be able to give an idea 3 votes maximum, but with this feature enabled they will be able to vote on as many ideas as they’d like.


We’re continuing to make improvements based on your feedback, so keep that great feedback coming!

[1]UserVoice Feedback: Allow Unlimited Votes From Users In A Forum