Today we’re making a few minor changes and improvements to our Feedback Sites and Admin Console: user karma, custom link colors, enhanced crowdsourced moderation and some other Admin Console improvements.

My karma ate your activity and idea scores

Over the last year we’ve gotten a lot of questions about how users’ activity and idea scores are calculated, as well as confusion about the difference between the two. As many admins have noticed, we’ve combined these scores in the Admin Console and called them “Karma”. Today we’re also combining these on the Feedback Site.

Karma scores are calculated by a combination of the user’s activity and the status of ideas they support. For example, when a user creates, votes or comments on an idea, their karma is increased. They also receive additional karma points when ideas they support are planned, started or completed (and if the user is the one who created the idea, they’ll receive even more points).

The idea behind this is to provide a simple way to identify proactive users on a feedback site, as well as for users to see how well they rank among other users of the site. It also helps promote constructive feedback, as ideas that are used result in higher karma scores.

In the future, we also plan on expanding these scores within the Admin Console with a more robust user analytics system. Here are a few related ideas you may also be interested in:

Custom link colors


We’ve added another custom color option for paid plans: link colors. Now you can customize your feedback site’s logo, background color, primary color, secondary color and link color. The primary color is used to highlight a user’s votes; the secondary color highlights an idea’s ranking and users’ karma.

As before, sites on the Gold Plan have fully-customizable HTML and CSS.

Automatically un-publish flagged content

We’ve also enhanced our crowdsourced moderation tool to allow you to automatically un-publish flagged content after a configurable number of flags. This allows feedback sites to better moderate themselves.


When checking “Allow users to flag inappropriate content”, an admin can select the threshold level for moving the content into moderation. Choosing ”Adaptive response” means our system will decide how many flags it takes to act on ideas/comments based on it’s popularity.

Once the threshold is reached, moderators will receive a message about the flagged ideas and comments. These can also be automatically removed from public view until a moderator has a chance to review them by selecting “removed from public view”.

Other Admin Console improvements


We’ve made a handful of other improvements to the Admin Console, including:

  • Users are now listed by recent activity
  • Counts are included for each user list filter
  • Pagination is included at the top AND bottom of each list
  • Added “Displaying 1-20 of X…” to show you just how many records are listed

Thanks again for everyone’s feedback. Share your great ideas with us at