A few months ago we did a login case study with our OpenID partners at JanRain.uservoice_statsThe findings were surprisingly weighted toward logins using Google as their preferred ID.

That’s why today’s blog post on Google Code Updates is really a wonderful addition to our offering at UserVoice. Google has implemented a brand new OpenID API to make it even easier for services to accept Google User IDs — best thing about this news is that they chose to feature UserVoice for their example!

What this does is makes your UserVoice experience way more seamless in that users no longer have to leave the page to authenticate their accounts. In addition, emails can be passed along so our Google users can be kept in the loop for the status of the ideas they’ve participate. This is a huge bonus for brands wanting to keep in touch with customers and truly engage these users and efficiently “close the feedback loop.”

Go check out the article on Google’s website — there’s much more info there, but thank you so much to JanRain for featuring us on their blog as well!!!