Today we are releasing a new, multi-part feature available for all UserVoice plans (including free).

First, we are replacing all links to Contact Us email addresses on feedback sites with a contact form. Now, when end-users click on “Contact Us” in the sidebar or footer, they will see a form to send you a message directly, without revealing your email address. This is the same contact form that is available within our widget as well.

Second, you can now (optionally) create multiple subjects for the contact form. Each subject can have a separate destination email address, helping you direct different types of requests to the appropriate recipient (for example, we use “Submit a bug” to send messages to our support system and “Sales question” to send messages to our sales team).


Third, we’ve updated the Admin Console to make managing these settings easier. You can choose to have no method of contact, include our contact form with one or multiple subjects, or to link to your own contact page URL. We’ve also preserved existing contact settings, so you don’t have to do anything for these updates to already work the way you expect.

To access the Contact settings, go to your Admin Console > Settings > Site, and scroll down to Contact settings.


Special thanks to all of you who have provided feedback [1] about this feature. We hope that these changes will help structure your feedback as well as make your UserVoice site a hub for customer feedback for both ideas, problems and questions.

And, as always, we would love to hear what you think!

[1] – Use Contact Form Instead of Displaying Email Address – Suggested by Anonymous – 180 Votes.