mixpanel_logo“Our tagline is ‘Real-time event tracking’”, says Mixpanel Product Manager Jeremy Linden. “And we try to apply that real-time label to everything we do, including customer support.”

Mixpanel provides a analytics platform for all sorts of companies, but their bread and butter is in enterprise. And they know that support matters. “The difference between OK support and great support can be the difference between retaining a $1500/mo customer or not,” Jeremy says. So, in addition to his work with the product, Jeremy focuses much of his time on providing this great support.

Interface That Stays Out of The Way

If that sounds like a big plate Jeremy has in front of him, it’s because it is. Between sales and product meetings, Jeremy has to fit support duties in where he can. So it’s key for him to have a tool that works as fast and hard as he does.

Previously he was using Tender to do support, which had UI “so annoying that it made it hard to answer customer issues quickly”. UserVoice’s simple, fast interface changed all that. “The amount of clicking and typing I have to do to help people is not nearly as high. I spend more time helping customers and less time wrestling with the interface.”


Motivation Booster

But it’s not just the interface that makes Jeremy faster – it’s also the incentives. The ticker at the top of the page tracks his replies, fast replies, and kudos, rather than the traditional Average Response Time most support tools use. Says Jeremy:

“Fast replies are a much more useful stat than Average Response Time, which is a pretty useless statistic as it gets thrown off if one ticket doesn’t get answered for a few days. UserVoice actually incentivizes me to step up and make the ticker turn. I know answering within an hour is good support, and UserVoice gives me a visual reminder of that.”


With an interface that stays out of his way, stats to help him stay motivated, and his huge respect for his customers, Jeremy is set to wow his customers and make MixPanel not just the best way to track activity on your site, but a wonderful company to interact with.

Try the UserVoice Helpdesk 14-day trial today and see how you can delight your customers faster.