Missed our SXSW talks? We’ve got you covered.

Not everyone makes it out to South by Southwest each year, though it sure seems like it. For those of you who didn't get to catch our panels, we wanted to share what we could from them. Although we weren't allowed to record video, we have some collected content.

For my panel discussion on Community & Influence, you can hear audio of the panel on Lanyrd and read a number of key points in this Storify page. Frank Eliason made some excellent points about customer service that are absolutely worth reading.


For Richard White's (UserVoice CEO) dual talk on Community-Centered Design with Steve Huffman (Co-founder of Reddit and Hipmunk) we've got audio, a Storify, and the slide deck from the talk, embedded below.

Have any questions about the discussions? Let us know…we'd be happy to answer!

-Evan Hamilton
Community Manager, UserVoice

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