Minor changes to ticket system UI and behavior

Hey folks,

Today we’ve made several small changes to the UI of the UserVoice Helpdesk ticketing system, as well as one behavioral change. Here’s the lowdown…


Closed tickets now re-open when assigned

Previously, if a ticket was closed and you assigned it to someone, it would remain closed. Often, people assigned these tickets without realizing that the new assignee might never see them, because they were closed.

Now, when a closed ticket is assigned to someone, it’s automatically reopened to ensure that they see it. Don’t want it open? You can still close it via the “Close” button.

Ticket UI reorganization

We’ve made a number of minor changes to (hopefully!) make using the ticket system even more intuitive.

  • Redesigned the ticket state indicator to make it easier to read
  • Moved the assignee field to the top next to the ticket state
  • Moved the action buttons (open, close, delete, spam) to the right
  • Moved the Updated timestamp from the header to the ticket metadata area (above “Created”)
  • Moved the ticket number from the header to the ticket metadata
  • Switched the position of the ticket state and date in the ticket list column
  • Linked the ticket # to a short, sanitized URL that is more easily sharable with your team

These updates are all currently live on your account. Our goal with these changes is to make your lives easier, so please let us know if anything doesn’t feel right or seems to be buggy.

-Evan Hamilton
Community Manager, UserVoice

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